What injection did Michael Jackson use to whiten his skin ?

Question by Peter Anderson: What injection did Michael Jackson use to whiten his skin ?
hey i wanna know what is the name of the shot that michael jackson took to whiten his skin up .. and could anyone tell me how much does it cost ? i’m not a black man but i’m not also white !
i’m not asking why he did it cuz i know all bout the story .. all i wanna know what did he use exactly ?!! i heard there are whitening shots .. does anyone know about ‘em ?

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Answer by tomlizard
Keep your skin colour, you look beautiful.

Make up may show what it would be like if you did and you will find your colour is perfect.

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  1. he had a skin disease called vitaliago.

  2. he bleached himself. and it probably cost a lot!

  3. skin bleaching also lil Kim has had it too.

  4. First of all, Michael didn’t bleach his skin. He had a disease called Vitiligo. The coronor said that he had dark patches of skin and white patches of skin on his body, which points to what Michael said all of his life… He was proud of his skin color and race, and did indeed have a disease called Vitiligo.

    Second, I just wanted to say that posting a question asking “What injection dis MJ use to whiten his skin?” is totally ignorrant. You should have asked “What made MJ turn white? Injection, Bleach, or a Disease?”. That would have been a much more smarter question. Hope I helped.

    Love you Michael.

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