Is it safe to use glutathione more than once per day?

Question by dainasana: Is it safe to use glutathione more than once per day?
I want to lighten my skin and I’ve learned that glutathione capsules are the most effective in whitening. Can I take at least 2x a day for a faster result? For how long would it take before I can see the result?

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Answer by justflawless
glutathione pills work only when taken with vitamin C.. a dermatologist-friend of mine revealed that vitamin C works better alone without gluta pills, from which the ascorbic acid inhibits melanin production of the skin and is best taken with the use of a good skin lightening product for the fastest results.. taking gluta pills wil take months before you see results.. i’ve maintained my original fair skin by following such regimen.. for a detailed description on how to lighten skin safely and effectively, here’s good article -

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  1. Yes it’s safe. If you’re acidic, take a higher dosage of Vit.C w/ the glutathione.You’ll see results in about a month.

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