GLUTAMAX REDUCED GLUTATHIONE CAPSULES It lightens the skin tone evenly and naturally. Considered as the most powerful, versatile and important anti-oxidant produced by the human body. Reduced glutathione preserves and protects our bodies against the damage of free radicals. GlutaMAX capsules also contain 75mg of Sodium Ascorbate to increase resistance to ailments and reduce tiredness. GlutaMAX reduced glutathione works inside our body while GlutaMAX lightening soap works on the outside. With its combination, GlutaMAX can give us a beautiful, youthful looking skin while keeping you healthy within. AVAILABLE in: 500mg GLUTAMAX LIGHTENING SOAP An advance product that has premium skin lightening essentials, formulated by respected Dermatologist, to safely provide maximum results. This, it makes skin intensely lighter, smoother while restoring its youthful vibrancy. AVAILABLE in: 135g
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  2. hello dear…where i can find this product….iam from malaysia..tQ

  3. @jhoxelle08 hahah,,poty mouth?anu ka 12 yr old??hahahah senxa kna lm mo nmn na taga up manila ka!??sosyl ka siguro!!??..ahahah insecure a gago!,mas panget a skin leche ka!!!!!!!!!!!!! kung mkapg imbento ka!!??tangnimo!! niloloko mo sarili mo!>..ahhah up manila!

  4. @elenavlada you ignorant potty mouth!!!!! ano ba ang ikinagagalit mo? siguro ang pangit mo. bakit ka naiirita? siguro kamuka mo si jinky oda.

    the more i receive respods from you..i feel pity for you. i can imagine how hard it is to deal with your life… pero ano ka man mag pasalamat ka kay Lord. Blessing pa din na buhay ka kahit muka kang bangkay. pag ppray kita dont worry

  5. @jhoxelle08 ahhaha u.p. manila!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wahhaha oi oo grbe!>pasnexa na!.. lam mo nmn ahhaha..grbe mkpg panggap ka!! gago mag glutamx ka na lng tanginmo!!! ahahhahah

  6. @elenavlada…your past comment is an insult dont be such a judgemental sorry im just only graduated from U.P manila.. and if you think students in private school are intellectual smart.. be considerate that not private schools are has a good education its just a money thing issue… i agree its self hatred but in as ive said you are too harsh, and im sure you too are not satisfied in you physical appearance… YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO JUDGE… COZ YOUR NOT A GOD

  7. Wow si jinky oda na ba yan…?? GAnda na nya sobra!!

  8. @jhoxelle08 bobo..un comment mo sakin un rin ang point is skin deep,and you dont have to be “white” to be beautiful..and her attitude towards to use this is self hatred…ur just a moron and cant understand between the lines..get a private school!

  9. @elenavlada dude look at your self your more than ugly coz youe attitude is so fugly… haha dont judge like that your not perfect

  10. @ThePenelopeSparks if You want to have an authenthic GLUTHATHIONE.. 500mg and 700 mg. that makes you whiter,healthier and look younger. anti cancer, and the mother of all anti oxidant.very affordable. that has Gluthathione,grapeseed,vit-c and vit-e all in 1 capsule and most important is. it is PIPAC certified, BFAD certified, and HALAL certified… pls do txt me 09273689400 and 09186623755. thanks to God be the glory!!

  11. kaht anung puti mo kung pangit ka nmn,,PANGIT KA PARIN!

  12. how much per capsule?

  13. Self-hatred is just so sad

  14. Protandim(R) is clinically proven to increase Glutathione production 300%, in addition to increasing Catalase, SOD and almost 2 dozen other antioxident enzymes that our cells naturally produced when we were 20 years old and younger! Check out my videos for more info on this true scientific breakthrough!

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