Fairness Creams?

Question by anni k: Fairness Creams?
recently my freind has come from Pakistan and has told me people are mixing few creams and applying them on their skin to become fair the creams are: Archie, Betnovate, Yoko Whitener, Stillmans, Fair & Lovely and taking some capsules. I would like to know more on these creams, so I can help my friend who would like to try it, please guide me on this and I want to know how effective these creams are. This technique is also used in India.

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Answer by justflawless
before you hurt yourself or harm your skin with your own concoctions, you better opt to buy dermaline skin lightening products with safe ingredients minus the hydroquinone or mercury.. these products are well tested even for african american men and women and other people of color.. better than commercial grade products available online, dermaline is made of good potent natural ingredients that will let you see results faster..

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  1. Why not use whitening products that are already dermatologist-tested and FDA/BFAD approved? Check out our website for an extensive line of whitening products that are 100% safe and effective.

    Whitening ingredients include: arbutin, licorice, kojic acid, glycolic acid, Vit C, retinoic acid.


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